Our Story

This is a meaningful and heartful project, crafted with love for better health and quality practice. Caring for each step of sustainable and ethical production. Made to last. Happening in the natural paradise of Andalusia, SPAIN


Starts with me as a manager in a corporate world for almost 20 years – turned into a Yoga Teacher, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture practitioner.

“ My goal for this project is to be so close to nature, respecting it fully ”

Because yoga practice connects us to our true nature within and without – I felt that ecology and sustainability fell into the priority list for me too, naturally. Part of my profound personal journey was a quest for the best quality ecological yoga mat for my own yoga practice.

The mat I was looking for had to be lightweight, without PVC plastic, no latex or tree rubber, yet smell-free, totally recyclable, fair-trade and made locally by adults. My attempts to find the mat that would match all my set criteria on the market, have failed. One day, while unrolling another one of my worn-out mats in the Yoga studio, I was struck by a terrifying sticky feel of plastic on my face and sweaty smell coming out of it. Yucky…!! Suddenly I heard my inner voice saying “ Ok, fine. If I can’t find a mat  – I need to make it myself ! ”

Then I took the responsibility and collected all information about natural materials that can provide new sustainable solutions for us yogis, and for the planet.

After 5 years of challenges, making different mat production trials, sensitive research and investigation – I finally found highest quality ecological and sustainable materials available today.

My first and most unique material chosen – is a whole, raw and organic, biodegradable and one of its kind in the world. Its name is CORK! From the Oak tree forests grown in the major communities of the south Mediterranean woodlands and forests of Spain and Portugal, where all Oak trees are protected by law and NO tree is cut down.

In these forests, all the cork bark harvesting work is still done by teams of men, using hand axes and no viable mechanical method has yet been invented to do the job as accurately. By tradition, using Biodynamic approach, they start on the first New Moon of the month of May each year.


I’d like to give a big Thank You to everyone who supported me so far, who believed in this daring project and it’s worth.

Also want to thank all competent and sensitive people that helped me creating this Mat, and to YOU for your feedbacks, which will help us to get better and better in the future, making you a part of our story too. Because when you purchase Rocork Yoga mat, you are not only supporting a small authentic project that is founded on transparency and honest pricing, you are also supporting talented creative women and men back at home, while contributing to fair, greener future on our planet A.

“Unroll your Mat today and enjoy being right where you are. Connect to yourself. Feel Rooted to Nature. Feet on the MAT!

Namaste ~
Darshana, the Rocork Yoga Mat founder & Yoga teacher
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