in Andalusia

We take care of every step of sustainable and ethical production, with the durability of the product in mind.


Each of our products is handmade with dedication and love, which makes them unique and genuine pieces, far from mass industrial production.

Solid cork

We use cork from controlled harvesting of cork oak trees for its ecological sustainability and its exceptional properties compared to PVC, rubber and granulated cork mats.


For the base of our MAT we combine a layer of natural cork with 100% recyclable and biodegradable ecological material, inserted into the thin fabric, called TPE, also recycled materials and  natural pigments..

Better grip

All our Mats have have a high adhesion to skin surfaces due to the hollows of the solid hand polished cork cell they are made of. The more you sweat –  the better is your adherence. Your hands do not get moist? Just spray your mat with some water and see.

Discover our unique mat: lightweight, without PVC plastic or tree rubber, without unpleasant odours. Durable, fully recyclable,  fairly produced and  crafted locally by us .

With 100% recyclable materials