In search of the perfect yoga mat


100% natural and 100% recyclable as its rot-proof composition and resistance to atmospheric variations gives it an unlimited life cycle.


Pressure and compression resistance. It does not deform easily, and when it does, it has a great capacity to recover its initial volume.


Suberin, which is the main component of cork, works as a natural insecticide, as it has the property of repelling small bugs and insects.


It is a unique feature as a climate regulator that prevents condensation by insulating. At the same time, it allows transpiration between the two insulated surfaces.


Cork retains fire resistance in Euro class E.


Cork surfaces are easy to clean, as they do not accumulate static electricity. It also limits contact with allergens.

A personal journey in search of quality and sustainability

Because the practice of yoga connects us with our true nature inside and out, I felt that ecology and sustainability were also on my list of priorities. Part of my deeply personal journey was the search for the best quality eco-friendly yoga mat for my own yoga practice.

Organic cork, biodegradable and unique in the world

Sourced from cork oak trees grown between Spain and Portugal.

All cork oaks are protected by law and no tree is cut down.

"After more than 5 years of research I found the highest quality sustainable and environmentally friendly materials available".

Prem Darshana (Roksolana) | Founder of Rocorkyoga