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KOSHA Meditation Cushion

KOSHA Meditation Cushion

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limited edition 

Weight: Super Light 0,65 kg
Size:  33 x 17 cm  

Our favourite, body design Meditation cushion provides uniques adjustment to your sitting posture and your back needs, adding to your Meditation or Yoga practice different sense of natural comfort & support. Due to its mouldable, natural cork particles filling and solid cork upside combination. 

Composition: made from premium organic, durable South European solid cork 

Filling: 100 % organic cork granulates

Biodegradable: NO PVC, Latex, Bisphenol, Phthalates,  AZO dyes or EVA Foam, no heavy metals

Hypoallergenic: cork efficiently neutralises body odours, bacteria & wicks sweat away. Excellent for those yogis with sensitivity or allergy to mites found in regular fabric dust

Durable: if used according to our care instructions, has a long span of years for its use.

Handsewn and developed by yoga teacher.

Vegan / Fair / Cruelty Free / PEFS (Sustainably Controlled Forests) Certified.

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