Our cork will bring you good health

Every summer, the cork harvesters of Spain, armed with axes as sharp as blades, work hard to uncork the cork oaks.

Cork harvester job

A highly qualified work, which uses the same artisanal method, totally manual, for hundreds of years. It consists of meticulously separating the outer bark from the mother trunk, in cork sheets that are then dried and processed.

A cork oak can live more than 200 years and can be harvested once every nine years, starting at 25 years of age.

Our commitment with cork

At Rocork Yoga we are committed to the sustainability of our products and for this reason, and due to the growing interest in this topic, it has led to a substantial investment in the development of new and unexpected uses of cork, but the industry faces the difficulty of improving the management of the 736,000 hectares of cork oak forests in Portugal.

Oak forest managment

Sustainable forest management is very important", in La Associação Natureza Portugal (Portuguese Nature Association, or ANP), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to nature conservation and the protection of the planet, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The better it is managed, the greater its conservation. We know that it provides multiple environmental benefits, such as carbon dioxide sequestration and soil regulation.

As climate change causes longer and longer periods of drought, cork oak forests help prevent forest fires and their proper maintenance helps this common well-being

In these forests, all the work of collecting cork bark is still done by teams of men, using hand axes and no viable mechanical method has yet been invented to do the work with such precision. Traditionally, using the Biodynamic approach, they begin on the first New Moon of the month of May each year.