we are proud to say that our products are carefully crafted by hand
magic of solid cork :
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Nature loves you, we deliver its message of interconnectedness for your lifestyle. Since your health is your birthright, we use the traditional biodynamic way to harvest and polish by hand all the healing benefits of the cork oak – without any tree cut or harmed .
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our trio team : Prem Darshana (i.e Roksolana) Ananda & our cat Mukti

Last 7 years of my life were dedicated to solo creation & manufacture of yoga mats without toxic substances in Andalusia, Spain. I craved for fair-trade, just clean and honest elements that bring full connection and support the Mother Earth and all living beings. My soul partner Ananda has adopted us 2 years ago. Since then we are crafting new mats together, while blessing our creations with Mantra chanting, inspired by Deva Premal & Miten, Jai Uttal, Sam Garrett and many others. All to send out our message of love and connection from the Iberian Peninsula with its wisdom of 200 y. old Cork Oak forests to your feet..!
yoga for holistic souls


Our MATS are made from 100% premium organic - Bio solid cork. They have no toxic glues, PVC, BPA, EVA, AZO or tree rubber and we source and produce them by hand in Spain and Portugal


Our Mats are ecological, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-fungal. They do not produce toxic odours and provide you with biophilic natural feel and biophilic home design effect


Our MATS created to support and protect your joints . They feel soft and grippy against your skin, while absorbing shock and vibration. They are lighter than most and have a lifespan of 5 years or more


We are proud to say that all our products are carefully crafted by hand. This attention to craftsmanship distinguishes them from industrially manufactured yoga products and makes them unique and authentic pieces.
I ADORE these Earth Loving ROCORK yoga mats, they are super soft, comfortable & durable!

Meghan Currie

Feminine Expression Yoga Teacher

I love your mat… really, this is absolutely my favourite Yoga mat ever ! Thank you so much for creating it

Deva Premal

Sanskrit Mantra Singer of Devotional music

After 4 operations on my right knee, I was looking for a mat that would make it easy, safe and comfortable. Actually I found much more. It’s a precious, hand-made piece of art, I keep it open in my living room, feels like I bring in nature. And I’m a hygienic freak, I tell you, every time I put my face on this mat, I let go.. It feels so clean and smells good.If you want to have natural and loving yoga practice – get this mat!

Stephen Vasey

Sociologist, Gestalt-therapist, Author and couples’

Rocork yoga mat is a dream come true! Stretching and doing exercises on this mat is absolutely like floating on a cloud. I Love it and I Recommend it!

Margot Anand

The World's Leading expert on Tantra

The Rocork mat gives a unique feeling of direct connection to an element of nature. The smell, touch and grip are exclusive and make me want to practice more.I practice not just to be in better shape, but to be a better being, more connected to whole life on earth. And to me it is essential that my existence is the most sustainable possible. Every detail is important. I am grateful to have this mat.

Geoffrey Roy

100% Sustainable Traveller, adventure Photographer & Photojournalist

Since my first days of yoga 10 years ago I’ve been searching for a mat that would support me through my practice. I’ve wanted a mat that would really be non-slip, even if I sweat, would look good, and not smell like plastic, be gentle on the environment and easy to move around with. I am so impressed with my Rocork mat, it has taken my yoga experience to a whole new level

Miriam Drescher

Australian Organic ILA + AVA Skincare foundress, TCM & Yoga

I absolutely LOVE it! Really. I’ve been practicing yoga for 20+ years and this is by far the nicest, softest, and most eco-friendly mat that I have ever used. Full disclosure, I’ve been practicing on a Jade yoga mat for the past 10 years and there is no comparison! Rocork is so much more luxe and in tune with my own natural tendencies to want connect with nature as much as possible.

Jennifer M

NY based Lawyer & truth seeker